Puja Marwaha

CEO, CRY – Child Rights and You

Puja Marwaha, Chief Executive – Child Rights and You, believes that children are the very foundation of every nation’s growth and development aspirations. It was this belief that fuelled her passion for children’s rights and inspired her to become a full-fledged part of the social sector in 1994.

After a liberal arts and Human Resources development education, Puja Marwaha made the transition from the corporate to the social sector early in her career. Having worked earlier with various corporate organisations, she joined CRY in 1994 to set up the organization’s Human Resources function. In 2002 she moved into more general management roles in CRY. Today, Puja is the Chief Executive Officer at CRY, India’s leading child rights organization. 

Puja believes that children should be at the heart of all human development work. This belief informs her passionate interest and involvement in children and their potential. Over the course of her work, Puja has been involved in the nurturing of a large number of organisations and people, enabling them to connect at the level of individual belief, to the vision of all rights, for all children.

For the past 27 years, Puja has helped build an organizational framework for CRY that best captures the essence of justice and equity. Her work is focused on creation of an organizational character that attempts to foster a passion for children, a high degree of individual accountability to children and a belief in every person’s potential to bring change for children. She currently also serves on the board for VANI – Voluntary Action Network India – in an endeavour to strengthen public mobilization for social causes.